Road Report

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MDT Current Road Conditions - Routes Last known road conditions from the Montana Department of Transportation (by routes)

  • S-239

    Utica To Hobson: Scattered Wet, Snowing

  • S-206

    MT-35 To US-2: Dry/Mostly Dry

  • S-223

    Junction With US 87 To The Chouteau/Liberty County Line: Dry/Mostly DryChester South To The Chouteau/Liberty County Line: Dry/Mostly Dry

  • US-2

    Idaho St Line To Williams Crk: Dry/Mostly DryWilliams Crk To Schreiber Crk: Dry/Mostly DrySchreiber Crk To Happy'S Inn: Dry/Mostly DryHappy'S Inn To Mcgregor Lake Resort: Dry/Mostly DryMcgregor Lake Resort To US-93 Alt Route: Dry/Mostly DryUS-93 Alt Route To MT-40: Dry/Mostly DryMT-40 To Berne Rd: Dry/Mostly DryBerne Rd To West Glacier: Dry/Mostly DryWest Glacier To Pinnacle: Dry/Mostly DryPinnacle To Devil Creek: Dry/Mostly Dry7 Miles West Of Marias Pass Over Marias Pass: Dry/Mostly DryEast Side Of Marias Pass To East Glacier: Dry/Mostly DryEast Glacier To Browning: Dry/Mostly DryBrowning To Jct With S 444: Dry/Mostly DryJct With S 444 To Cut Bank: Dry/Mostly DryCut Bank To Ethridge: Dry/Mostly DryEthridge To Shelby: Dry/Mostly DryShelby To Galata: Dry/Mostly DryGalata To Chester: Dry/Mostly DryChester To Hingham: Dry/Mostly DryHingham To The Fresno Turnoff: Dry/Mostly DryThe Fresno Turnoff To Havre: Dry/Mostly DryHavre To Chinook: Dry/Mostly DryChinook To Harlem: WetHarlem To The Phillips County Line: WetPhillips/Blaine County Line To Saco: Snowing, WetSaco To Nashua: Dry/Mostly Dry, FogNashua To Poplar: Snowing, WetPoplar To Culbertson: WetCulbertson To The State Line: Wet

  • US-93

    Lost Trail Pass To Sula: Dry/Mostly Dry, Watch For Fallen RockSula To Conner: Dry/Mostly DryConner To Hamilton: Dry/Mostly DryHamilton To The Stevensville Turnoff: Dry/Mostly DryStevensville To Lolo: Dry/Mostly DryLolo To Missoula: Dry/Mostly DryWye To Evaro Hill: Dry/Mostly DryEvaro To Arlee: Dry/Mostly DryArlee To Jct MT-200 At Ravalli: WetRavalli To St Ignatius: WetNorth Of St. Ignatius To Ronan: Dry/Mostly DryRonan To South Of Polson: Dry/Mostly DryPolson To Jette Hill: Dry/Mostly DryJette Hill North Of Polson: Dry/Mostly DryJette Hill To Elmo: Dry/Mostly DryElmo To MT-82: Dry/Mostly DryMT-82 To The Armory: Dry/Mostly DryThe Armory To Whitefish: Dry/Mostly DryWhitefish To Stryker: Dry/Mostly DryStryker To Canada: Dry/Mostly Dry